Head of Web Services Engineering

Posted: Mar 05, 2012
Intel Corporation

Santa Clara, California

Reporting Relationship
Jim Baldwin – Vice President of Engineering, Intel Media
Jim Baldwin joined Intel in fall 2011 to lead Intel’s product efforts in media and the digital home.
Before coming to Intel, Jim was the CTO for the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft Corporation.
In this capacity, he was the technical strategist for the television and video services platforms.
Prior to becoming CTO, Jim was responsible for developing the Microsoft Mediaroom platform, from project conception to leading development of the end-to-end user experience.
“In creating Mediaroom, we brought together key emerging technologies to create the world’s most modern television system: better video compression, higher access network bandwidth, lower cost single-chip devices, cloud computing; and added to it some great software to make it all work together seamlessly with a great user experience. Our goal was to provide technology to operators that will continue to delight consumers as the world of internet-delivered content unfolds.”
Jim joined Microsoft in 1997 as a part of the WebTV acquisition, Jim has been a key architect of digital video technology for various products including the WebTV Plus, Echostar Dishplayer, DirecTV UltimateTV and Microsoft TV.
Previously, Jim worked at The 3DO Company, where he managed and developed silicon and software solutions for MPEG decoding and encoding and video processing.
He also worked at Apple Computer creating technology for a variety of advanced projects from an innovating 3D pointing device to the laptop touchpad to the Firewire multimedia interconnect.
Jim is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE).
He has a bachelor's degree in electrical and computer engineering from University of Illinois.

The Intel Architecture Group (IAG) delivers innovative platforms across computing and communication segments including data centers, mobile and desktop personal computers, handhelds, embedded devices and consumer electronics.  Intel's industry leading technology is used to create integrated hardware and software solutions such as processors, chipsets, communication radios, graphics processors, motherboards, and networking components that deliver capabilities from security and manageability to computing performance and energy efficiency.The IAG team is at the forefront of enabling a new era of computing that is more integrated into all aspects of daily life.

Within the IAG, the mission of Intel Media is to find and enable digital media content for Intel-based platforms.Intel Medias vision is to Liberate Access to Digital Media.Our passion is delighting consumers with beautifully crafted products and putting them in control of their media.This business will develop and deliver software and services across multiple Intel devices ranging from Ultrabooks and set-top boxes to ultimately phones and tablets.

The Head of Web Services Engineering for Intel Media will lead creation of a web services platform for cloud development, enablement, and delivery of applications and content from Intel and key partners.This executive will provide strategic vision, leadership, and technical direction in an initiative that can transform the industry.This executive will also reinforce the culture of excellence in execution for Intel and ensure that quality is a high priority at every stage.The Head of Web Services Engineering will define realistic targets and milestones, focus the engineering team, establish a high level of team participation and interaction, serve as mentor and coach, direct the architecture, design, development, and release of platform software, and implement world class design methodologies and processes that enable continuous improvement and provide for competitive advantageThis executive will guide the evolution of product development processes and systems that support product delivery including software development, release management, product testing, and product documentation infrastructures.Key responsibilities include:

  • Directly manage the global web services platform for Intel Media across a geographically distributed team in the US and offshore.Understand the innovative solutions that are required for Intel to be a credible player in this market and define and deliver the right software solutions and related platform integration.
  • Lead the web services development organization through on-going product development cycles, from initial definition to final production, with products and services delivered on schedule and on budget with high quality.
  • Develop, lead, challenge, and motivate the team.Evaluate and build the team to solidify delivery capabilities required to meet strategic and operating objectives for the Intel Media business.Promote a “can do” culture based on success, pride, performance, discipline, creativity, and taking risks where prudent.Engage with other Intel Media executives to establish an environment that is motivating and entrepreneurial in nature.
  • Be a respected leader in the company.Strengthen the firm’s collaborative culture and work across teams and functions to obtain prompt resolution to key business issues likely to impact product release schedules, product requirements, product quality, and business operations.
  • Be an effective spokesperson and champion for Intel Media to the Intel senior leadership team.
  • Manage to fiscal plan regarding budgets for labor costs, tools, and capital expenditures.
  • Negotiate and manage external IP, tools, and sourcing partners/vendors as necessary.

In the first year, this individual will stand up a scalable web service that forms the basis for rapid innovation.A strong core team of people skilled in the art of web services will be brought together, and a regime of automated testing will be in place.

The successful candidate will be an innovative and hands-on development executive who has a passion for delivering products that redefine how media is consumed in the world today.This executive will have built strong development teams of at least 40 engineers and understand how to inspire and guide teams, hire exceptional talent, and manage the ambiguity of early stage, entrepreneurial ventures.The ideal candidate will also possess the following skills and experiences:

  • 12 years of progressively broadening software development experience with a strong track record of technology leadership within the web services market.  Depth in scalable data services layer development is preferred.
  • Solid technical foundation in web services platforms such as Google App Engine, Amazon Web Services, Salesforce AppExchange, and VMware vSphere/vCloud that enable Java developers to build, run, and manage rich web applications.
  • Inherent knowledge of development processes and best practices to manage multiple, large scale, and co-dependent software development projects consistently on time and on budget.Experience driving the complete software life cycle including planning, development, integration, test, and release.
  • Proven leadership experience setting the vision and building, leading, and motivating high performance development teams.Leads with creativity, strategic thinking, and innovation.Has a driven personality, “can do attitude,” and results-oriented management style.Experience leading managers, supporting multiple products, estimating project resource requirements, and managing product delivery schedules and associated risks is essential.
  • Demonstrated track record of implementing enhanced product development processes that shorten release cycles and improve “time to market” for new products.


Understanding the Business

  • Knows the business and the mission-critical technical and functional skills needed to do the job; understands various types of business propositions and understands how businesses operate in general; learns new methods and technologies easily.

Making Complex Decisions

  • Can solve even the toughest and most complex of problems; great at gleaning meaning from whatever data is available; is a quick study of the new and different; adds personal wisdom and experience to come to the best conclusion and solution, given the situation; uses multiple problem-solving tools and techniques.

Creating the New and Different

  • Is able to come up with the next great breakthrough thing to do; is creative, a visionary, and can manage innovation; is an effective strategist full of ideas and possibilities; sees multiple futures; has broad interests and knowledge; can both create and bring exciting ideas to market; comfortable speculating about alternative futures without all of the data.

Keeping on Point

  • Can quickly separate the mission-critical from the nice to dos and the trivials; quickly senses what's the next most useful thing to work on; focuses on the critical few tasks that really add value and puts aside or delays the rest.

Getting Organized

  • Is well organized, resourceful, and planful; effective and efficient at marshalling multiple resources to get things done; lays out tasks in sufficient detail to mark the trail; is able to get things done with less and in less time; can work on multiple tasks at once without losing track; foresees and plans around obstacles.

Getting Work Done Through Others

  • Manages people well; gets the most and best out of the people he/she has; sets and communicates guiding goals; measures accomplishments, holds people accountable, and gives useful feedback; delegates and develops; keeps people informed; provides coaching for today and for the future.

Dealing with Trouble

  • Fearlessly takes on all issues, challenges, and people; comfortably confronts and works through conflict; delivers negative feedback and messages without hesitation; deals promptly and fairly with problem performers; lets everyone know where they stand; thrives in crises and is energized by tough challenges; not afraid to make negative decisions and take tough action; challenges the status quo.

Focusing on Action and Outcomes

  • Attacks everything with drive and energy with an eye on the bottom line; not afraid to initiate action before all the facts are known; drives to finish everything he/she starts.

Communicating Effectively

  • Writes and presents effectively; adjusts to fit the audience and the message; strongly gets a message across.

Inspiring Others

  • Is skilled at getting individuals, teams, and an entire organization to perform at a higher level and to embrace change; negotiates skillfully to achieve a fair outcome or promote a common cause; communicates a compelling vision and is committed to what needs to be done; inspires others; builds motivated, high-performing teams; understands what motivates different people.

Acting with Honor and Character

  • Is a person of high character; is consistent and acts in line with a clear and visible set of values and beliefs; deals and talks straight; walks his/her talk; is direct and truthful but at the same time can keep confidences.

It is required that qualified candidates will have a Bachelors degree, likely in engineering or computer science disciplines.Advanced degrees are preferred, but not required.

Compensation will be influenced by the selected candidate, but will consist of a highly competitive and attractive base salary, performance-based bonus, and long term equity package.


Korn/Ferry shall provide equal employment opportunity to all qualified candidates, and will refer candidates without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, veteran status or any other legally protected basis. Korn/Ferry shall comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations in the performance of duties pursuant to this Agreement, including but not limited to, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and state and local anti-discrimination laws to the extent applicable.

This opportunity is no longer available.

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